When Do I Need An Employment Lawyer?

employment lawyer

There are many reasons why people seek help from licensed employment lawyers. You may be in a work environment that is detrimental to your mental health. You could even find yourself in a situation where you must choose between a job that keeps a roof over your head and your moral obligation to report unsafe work practices or criminal activity in the workplace. These are just a few situations where it’s important to have a lawyer who can help you figure out your options.

What Is An Employment Lawyer?

Keep in mind that the legal field is vast. There are lawyers who specialize in niche aspects of the law, making it their mission to understand everything about that specific topic. Employment lawyers are well versed in all matters relating to employment law. This includes wage disputes, unfair dismissal, hostile work environments, and the like. If you’re looking to hire a lawyer to handle your case against your employer. Make use of lawyer referral services to help you find the right fit.

When Do I Need An Employment Lawyer?

There are different reasons why you may want to consult with an employment attorney. You may be dealing with an employer who hasn’t compensated you correctly. Maybe you’ve faced harassment or discrimination at work. Or maybe you’ve been wrongfully terminated. All these instances are valid reasons to enlist the services of a licensed attorney.

There are some things that you should keep in mind about civil matters and compensation:

For Civil Rights Matters

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against or show bias towards employees who fall under various protected classes. These classes include:

  • religious beliefs
  • ethnicity & nationality
  • gender & sexual orientation
  • medical conditions

Everyone in the company must be treated equally, irrespective of where they fall in terms of protected classes. For example, you can’t be fired because you have different religious beliefs, nor can you be promoted because of your gender. This is in place to ensure an equal and fair workplace for everyone.

When Fighting For Fair Compensation

Different industries have different awards or pay rates depending on the job. Compensation laws are in place to protect your specific earnings. It is there to ensure that you are paid appropriately for the work you do within your specific industry. Compensation for workplace accidents & injuries as well as various child labor laws falls under fair compensation. A competent lawyer will best be able to advise you on the claim to make for you to receive any monies overdue from your employer.

Finding The Right Employment Lawyer For Your Case

It can be a long process to break free from a toxic workplace mentality and rationalizations. There are cases when it’s not the company at fault. Rather than seeking legal advice on social media or a Google search, consider enlisting the services of an employment lawyer. They are the most equipped to understand all angles of your situation and provide the most appropriate advice on how to move forward.

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