About Real Deal Attorneys Inc.

Who Are Real Deal Attorneys?

There are attorneys out there that are dishonest or just plain bad lawyers. Real Deal Attorneys Inc. aims to weed all of them out, allowing you to get the best representation for your money.

Because there are only a select few of us, our attorneys are the “real deal” as far as their honesty, integrity and skill. Furthermore, all of our affiliated lawyers carry malpractice insurance; although we are sure they will not need it.

What is Real Deal Attorneys?

Real Deal Attorneys Inc. is a lawyer locator service. It is a public legal service that enables anyone to find a qualified and reputable attorney in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, it’s a place where the public can find basic and commonplace information as it pertains to legal questions and issues.

The best part? All the information found on Real Deal Attorneys Inc. is free.

How Does the Real Deal Attorneys Lawyer Registration Service Work?

Using Real Deal Attorneys Inc., both individuals and businesses can find a “real” attorney online or by phone. All of our phone applications are available in multiple foreign languages; allowing us to get everyone the right lawyer.

Real Deal Attorneys Inc. Lawyers

All of the attorneys affiliated with Real Deal Attorneys Inc. have been thoroughly screened as far as background, criminal history, and professional discipline. Additionally, their qualifications are based on past and current client reviews as well as a professional review of their qualifications.

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