Real Deal Attorneys Launch New Attorney Referral Website

New Attorney Referral Website

Real Deal Attorneys Inc. are excited to launch their new attorney referral website to make highly reputable lawyers accessible to the Los Angeles area.

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2022 ( – Real Deal Attorneys, Inc. (RDA) is a leading lawyer locator service in the Los Angeles area. Their public legal service enables anyone to find a qualified and reputable lawyer. And they’ve recently launched a new attorney referral website.

Real Deal Attorneys, Inc. is a team of licensed attorney experts with a twist. They’re also computer science graduates who specialize in search engine marketing. These two skill sets combine to virtually connect highly reputable attorneys with consumers who have legal needs. All connected lawyers are vetted, pre-screened, and ethical. All attorneys need to pass background checks and hold the necessary legal expertise for the need at hand. RDA also makes skilled attorneys accessible to underserved communities in Los Angeles.

RDA’s new attorney referral website is designed to connect attorneys and prospective clients in a seamless manner. The benefit of their new website is that all available information is completely free. There are no subscription fees or hidden charges. Our consumers using the website can have complete peace of mind. This is because they’re getting a reputable lawyer that is matched to their particular legal requirements.

Real Deal Attorneys are on the lookout for highly competent and insured attorneys. They need to have a physical or virtual office in Los Angeles County. Lawyers can apply on the Real Deal Attorney’s referral website. RDA cares for the communities at hand and aims to make its new referral platform accessible for everyone. No matter what their economic status, religion, ethnicity, or area of residence.

Real Deal Attorneys Inc., Managing Members, Okorie Okorocha, a dual Nationally Board-Certified Criminal and Civil trial lawyer, and Ian Gerada, who holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and is an expert in Digital Marketing, are right behind their new attorney referral website.

“Real Deal Attorneys Inc. has one aim: To connect all communities with qualified legal counsel. This is why we’re excited to launch our new attorney online referral website. We know it will help to connect the Los Angeles public to access the legal expertise they need,” says Okorie Okorocha, Managing Member of Real Deal Attorneys, Inc.

RDA wants its new attorney referral website to appeal to as many communities as possible. It’s for this reason that their online applications are offered in various languages. This will allow everyone in the greater Los Angeles area to find the right lawyer.

Apply Today To Become A RDA Panel Member

Real Deal Attorneys Inc. is looking to expand its legal panel in Los Angeles. They’re on the lookout for the most reputable lawyers. The higher skilled the legal network, the more reputable and widely used the website will be. You can apply to become a member today by visiting their attorney online application. You can also contact them at (424) 367-1271.


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