What Makes Your Local Attorney The Real Deal?

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There are times in life when you need to seek the expertise of a local attorney. But what makes a “good lawyer”? How can you know you’re making the best choice of representation for your specific case?

Many lawyers know how to appear professional in their field, but you’ll want to do your research and make sure they possess the right skills before hiring them. Aside from going to law school, there are additional skills and qualities that can’t always be taught.

Skills That Make A Good Lawyer

There are many reputable law schools, and it certainly takes a lot of knowledge to pass the bar exam, but what other qualities should you look for when choosing a local attorney?

Good Responsiveness

You’ll catch on quickly whether the local attorney you’re considering is responsive to your needs. Some cases can be time sensitive; taking several days or weeks to return a potential client’s calls or emails can affect a case.  The information you need is critical to the integrity of you case and you need to have timely responses to move forward.

Thorough Investigative Skills

It can be challenging to know which sources are legitimate and which are not so trustworthy. The future of your case will depend on accurate information about state law and your rights. A good attorney will have the ability to work with investigators and will use online resources that perhaps the average person does not have access to. Furthermore, they will have the required knowledge of certain laws to support their advice.

The Ability To Speak Well

Having the right facts is one thing; delivering them well is another. A good attorney will be able to speak clearly and articulately, whether in a packed courtroom or directly to a judge.

The facts of the case and the research behind them must be expressed logically and coherently to make the best impact. A good attorney will also have the right legal vocabulary with which to make their arguments and do so in a way that makes sense both to you and the jury. If you have any questions about the terms they use, they should be happy to explain them to you.

Active Listening, Not Simply Hearing

Hearing mere words is not the same as taking them to heart. Part of active listening means understanding all angles of the case and all aspects of the client’s concerns. This all ensures that your attorney will represent you accurately.

Local Attorneys In Los Angeles

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