How An Attorney Referral Service Can Connect You With The Right Lawyer

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Most people do not have personal contact with many lawyers, unless they happen to be related to one or work with law firms on a regular basis. When something comes up that requires legal assistance, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Here are some of the ways that an attorney referral service can connect you with the right lawyer and save you time.

Pre-Vetted Lawyers

An attorney referral service can help you find the right lawyer by only sending you to lawyers that have pre-vetted. These are law firms that have already been through a vetting process to be included in the referral service. While every referral service has different standards for the types of firms that are allowed to be included, generally, law firms will need to be open for a certain amount of time and have certain success rates with their cases.

If you want to find a good quality lawyer for your legal needs, there needs to be some way to qualify who makes the cut. The amount of time and effort that it would take to vet all of the lawyers in your area on your own is substantial. By working directly with an attorney referral service, you can save the time it would take to vet each lawyer individually on your own.

Lawyers With Different Specialties

There are so many different types of specialization within the law. A real estate lawyer, for example, is not going to be able to work on a copyright infringement case. You would need to find an intellectual property lawyer for that. An immigration attorney is not a personal injury attorney. An attorney referral service has a vast network of lawyers who specialize in different things. The service provider will know the type of lawyer that you need based on the information you disclose during your initial call. This can save both time and frustration.

Imagine trying to find the right lawyer the old fashioned way. You would have to research and set up consultations with many lawyers just to find the right one to take your case. An attorney referral service can cut through a lot of this middle work and refer you directly to the best fitting lawyers for the particular area of law that you need help in.

Know Which Lawyers Are Open To New Cases

Not all lawyers are open to taking on new cases. Sometimes, lawyers have enough work that they’re already struggling to manage. Law firms do not generally advertise on their websites and social media channels when they are no longer looking for new work. This means that even if you find lawyers who specialize in the type of law you need help with, you may have to call quite a few who have the capacity to take on new cases.

Working with an attorney referral service can help streamline this process. Law firms can let the service know when they no longer have the capacity for more referrals. This means there is a greater chance that the lawyers you call will have the ability to help you. It’s quite frustrating to set up a consultation using an attorney’s website, only to discover later that they aren’t able to help you after all.

Meet Lawyers In Your Area

There are probably more high quality lawyers serving your local area than advertise or come up in Google search engine results. By working with an attorney referral service, you can connect with excellent lawyers who may not be investing as much in SEO services because they are busy successfully winning client cases.

Always remember that the best attorneys are not always the ones who are spending the highest amounts of money on advertising. Many of the best lawyers rely on word of mouth instead. A attorney referral service can help you find these lawyers.

Spend More Time Recovering Than Searching

In personal injury cases, you’re likely dealing with the repercussions of a very serious injury. You may still be recovering in the hospital or need to go to many different doctors appointments. By working with an attorney referral service, you can spend more time focusing on your recovery and less time researching lawyers.

One of the best reasons to hire a personal injury attorney is so they can focus on recovering compensation for you while you focus on your recovery. In this way, an attorney referral service can serve as an extension of that. It can allow you to focus on healing while the legal matters of your personal injury claim are addressed quickly by a quality attorney.

Know About Fee Schedules Up Front

Some lawyers charge by the hour or have flat rates, while other lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they take a small portion of your settlement in the event that they’re able to recover you compensation. If they don’t win your case, you don’t owe them anything for their legal services.

An attorney referral service will have an idea of what type of payment plans the lawyers use. If you don’t have the money to pay for legal services upfront, you can request to only be sent referrals for lawyers that work on a contingency fee basis.

Connect With A Quality Attorney Referral Service

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Just like there are good and bad lawyers, there are good and bad attorney referral services. You want to choose the right attorney referral service that will send you the best attorneys in your area and who have a strong reputation.

We’re proud to be a quality attorney referral service in California. We are known for our seamless referral process and providing high quality leads to our clients. This makes the process of finding the right lawyer much easier.

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