5 Steps To Hiring A Car Accident Defense Lawyer

car accident defense lawyer

Getting into a car accident is not something anyone wants to experience. However, the possibility of needing a good car accident defense lawyer is a lot higher than you think. In the US alone, a car accident occurs approximately every 15 minutes.

Irrespective of the size of the car accident, the best thing you can do for yourself after an accident is to hire a car accident defense lawyer. You may think you’re saving money by handling smaller matters yourself, but it’s what comes after that you should be concerned about.

Why Is It Important to Get A Car Accident Defense Lawyer?

The thing about car accidents is that they may not be as straightforward as you think they are. When a car accident claim is made, the injured party has legal rights under tort and insurance law. This means that they can sue to recover for any losses the accident has caused them.

Often this is repaid in the form of monetary compensation owed to the injured party. In some cases, the injured party can receive additional punitive damages awarded by the court. This means that the defendant will need to cover the cost of the original compensation owed as well as whatever punitive damages were awarded.

It’s nerve-racking getting into an accident, and having to deal with the fallout on your own is so much worse. By enlisting the services of a car accident lawyer, you’ll have someone by your side who understands all the processes involved when it comes to motor vehicle accidents and claims. Keep in mind when it comes to car accidents, insurance companies will also get involved, both yours and the other party’s insurance company. So, there are also additional benefits to having a licensed attorney at your side.

Equal Treatment

Even if it goes against all logic and rationality, as you’re the one paying for the service. Insurance companies aren’t always there to protect you; they are, however, focused on protecting their profit margins.

Keep in mind that sometimes tactics can be used to make it difficult for you to receive the compensation owed to you. Insurance companies can do this by delaying or denying your claim due to technicalities, or you could even be blamed for the accident. A defense attorney can help you ensure that the insurance company plays fair. This means that they will ensure that your insurance company sticks to the relevant legislation.

Overturning Claim Outcomes

As mentioned above, insurance companies can deny your claim. This can be due to minor technicalities or valid reasons, such as the outcome of the accident investigation. While you can’t argue against a valid investigation outcome. If your claim is denied or only partly reimbursed due to incorrect information or missing documentation, a qualified attorney will be able to help you. They will be able to provide the relevant evidence and make a case on your behalf with the insurance company.

Organization Matters

It’s tough trying to sort things out after an accident. Keeping track of all the paperwork and relevant dates and documents can be overwhelming. Your attorney will be able to guide and follow up with you on the various documentation you need, such as claims, medical records, wage slips, reports, and even witness statements. If your matter does end up in court, you’ll need legal representation at hand. They will be able to present all your evidence in a manner that allows you to get the compensation you deserve.

Settlement Negotiation

Oftentimes the first offer made to you by the insurance company is a lowball offer. This offer may be well below the actual cost of the compensation due, but without a car accident defense lawyer, many fall into this trap, thinking that it’s the best that they can get. A good legal representative will be able to help you decide the actual fair settlement amount. They will then negotiate on your behalf to reach a settlement agreement that both parties can agree on.

5 Steps To Hiring A Car Accident Defense Lawyer

Knowing why it is important to get a car accident defense lawyer and the benefits involved may have swayed you into hiring proper legal counsel. You may then find yourself asking what is the best way to hire a good car accident defense lawyer?

1. Check Their Experience

When hiring a lawyer, you will want to find someone who is well-versed in vehicular accidents. In the same way, you wouldn’t hire a real estate attorney to handle criminal charges, you want someone who understands the laws around accident-related matters.

2. Check Their Reputation

You want to hire someone that is trustworthy with a good reputation. Don’t fall for scam-like advertising that only guarantees the best results without any evidence to back it up. Take the time to look at online reviews about the attorney in question. The quality of the reviews will give you an idea if they are legitimate or not.

3. Communication Is Key

You don’t need the added stress of having a legal representative who ghosts you when you need them most. A great attorney is one who will provide you with the relevant updates and information, ensuring you’re always kept in the loop. When meeting them for the first time, take note of how they communicate and explain things to you. If it feels rushed or if you still feel like you’re lacking clarity, they may not be the one for you.

4. Ask About Potential Costs

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. This is why most people attempt to handle their car accident claims without legal help. Speak to your attorney and ask them to explain the costs involved with them taking on your case. Ask if they have a contingency fee or any other fees; this way, you won’t be blindsided by a legal bill once your matter has been settled.

5. Use Lawyer Locator Service

Sifting through online search engine pages to find a trustworthy car accident defense lawyer can be difficult. Use a trusted and professional lawyer locator service to help take the burden off your shoulders, especially while you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident.

Los Angeles Area Lawyer Locator Services

There are many benefits to using a lawyer locator service when searching for a car accident defense lawyer. You’re able to use the referral service to find a lawyer suitable to your specific needs and circumstances.

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