Common Misconceptions About Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

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If you ever are in a car accident, there will be a million and one things on your mind. You will be dealing with a multitude of different emotions, both positive and negative. There’s also a lot you need to think about since you’ll need to figure out your next steps after the accident. Hiring a car accident lawyer can take some of the burdens off of your shoulders. However, there are many misconceptions about car accident lawyers.

Common Misconceptions About Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

There is a wide range of misconceptions or myths about accident lawyers that are either overblown or just plain untrue. This, unfortunately, deters many people from getting the help they need. They may believe rumors instead of focusing on the benefits of having a licensed attorney. Read on to debunk some of the more common misconceptions.

Bigger Firms Are Better For My Case

There are those that believe that bigger law firms will increase the chances of total compensation or a better payout. Except, this isn’t always the case. Larger law firms also have a lot more clients. This means there is a smaller chance that you’ll receive personalized care.

You’d rather enlist the services of an attorney who deals with car accidents and nothing else. This gives them more time to focus on your case. Another downside is that even if you do get a large payout, bigger firms can take a bigger retainer. This is due to their overhead costs, which will be larger than smaller firms.

A Team Of Lawyers Is Better Than One

As fun as it is to watch TV shows where someone enters the courtroom with a posse of lawyers in tow. It doesn’t always pan out that way in real life. Chances are you’ll be dealing with one individual lawyer and the paralegal or assistant before court. It’s safer to enlist the services of a dedicated accident attorney who will focus on you and your recovery.

Your Insurance Premiums Will Go Up

Many people don’t want to initiate a legal battle for accidents simply because they’re concerned that their insurance premiums will go up. But if you’re in an accident and you aren’t at fault – you may not need to involve your insurance company at all. Your attorney will handle the legal matters against the at-fault driver’s insurance company to ensure that they are the ones who pay out.

Insurance Companies Will Offer Fair Compensation

While having proper insurance can be helpful, in some cases, disreputable companies will try to take advantage. This is to avoid providing you with proper compensation. Most people don’t know the total compensation they deserve. They may also be made to feel like they need to accept whatever is offered, or they may “miss out.” Having a car accident lawyer handle your claim means that you have a higher chance of getting what you deserve.

Lawyers Don’t Want To Handle Small Cases

It’s a common myth that accident attorneys only want to handle larger cases. A reliable and trustworthy attorney won’t care if your case is big or small. Having a trustworthy car accident lawyer at your side to help you through every step of the process will make it easier for you.

Finding A Trustworthy Car Accident Lawyer

Having the right legal representation can make all the difference. Finding a reputable car accident attorney can be overwhelming, but with Real Deal Attorneys lawyer locator service you can find the right legal counsel in no time.

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