How Do I Locate A Local Attorney?

locate local attorney

Deciding you need a lawyer is no easy task but locating a local attorney to fit your specific case can sometimes be even more difficult. According to the 2020 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession, California is home to 168,569 lawyers – the second-most of any state. With this high number of lawyers, it makes it critical to find one right for you.

Here, the experts at Real Deal Attorneys Inc. explain everything you should consider when locating a local attorney.

Basics Of Locating A Lawyer

Unless you already have a lawyer or have recommendations from family or friends, finding an attorney can be a stressful process. In the Los Angeles area, we are exposed to countless billboards and commercials for lawyers every day! While this may seem like an easy way to get into contact with someone to represent you, more often than not, you will never actually speak to the attorney on the advertisement.

Another option is to do an online search however unless you know exactly what you are looking for, you’re more than likely to just get ads and lawyers who are not right for your case.

One of the first things you need to do is decide what you want from your attorney – here are some things you should consider:

Area Of Law

There is no one size fits all approach to law. Almost all attorneys concentrate on a specific field, such as business, criminal, family, or injury – to name a few. For example, if you were involved in an accident, you probably would not want to hire a real estate lawyer. While there are general practice attorneys, it is critical to make sure they are capable of handling your case.

Experience And Reputation

When locating a lawyer, you want to find one with experience with cases like yours. You also want someone who has a good reputation with their former clients.

Cost And Billing

No matter your income, you have the right to qualified legal counsel. It is critical to determine how much you are willing to spend on an attorney. How a lawyer bills their clients varies. While many choose an hourly rate, others may bill with a contingency fee, flat rate, negotiable fee, or a retainer. Discuss their billing options and the possibility of other expenses. Shopping around is vital to finding a lawyer to fit your budget.

How To Find A Local Lawyer?

As we mentioned before, relying on advertisements and online searches to find an attorney will not usually get you the results you want for your case. One of the most reliable ways to obtain a lawyer who fits your specifications is through a lawyer locator service. Simply put, a potential client contacts a lawyer locator service to be put in contact with a lawyer who specializes in the field the client needs.

The Real Deal Attorneys Inc. Difference

Just like how there are many dishonest lawyers out there, there are also several dishonest lawyer locator services. What sets Real Deal Attorneys Inc. apart from the rest is that our main goal is to only offer the best representation for your specific needs. We carefully screen our lawyers with background, criminal history, and discipline checks. For your protection, Real Deal Attorneys Inc. also requires them to carry malpractice insurance. Unlike other referral services, all the vital information you find through Real Deal Attorneys Inc. is always free!

Finding An Attorney In Southern California

It is vital to your case to find council that fits your needs. By trusting Real Deal Attorneys Inc., you have a competitive advantage against settling for a bad attorney. If you are interested in locating a local lawyer through Real Deal Attorneys Inc., you can do so online or by giving us a call at (424) 367-1271 today!


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