Benefits Of Joining A Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer referral services exist to benefit lawyers and prospective clients alike. For clients, access to qualified, thoroughly vetted lawyers are accessible with just a few clicks. For lawyers, especially those who are new to the practice or starting their own firm, access to prospective clients has never been easier.

With the help of a lawyer referral service, lawyers and clients can find one another, knowing that they are a good match in terms of knowledge, experience, and need.

Real Deal Attorneys saw a need to fill the gap between the clients and lawyers who need each other but are unlikely to cross paths through other conventional means. If you are a lawyer wondering about the benefits of this service, read on to learn more.

What Is A Lawyer Referral Service?

This type of service helps qualified legal experts and clients find each other in the Los Angeles area. For clients who find themselves in a sticky situation that requires legal aid, it can be daunting to find the right lawyer on their own.

There are a lot of predatory lawyers out there who see dollar signs rather than the best interests of a client. Real Deal Attorneys thoroughly vets the lawyers we recommend, holding each one to the standards set by the California bar. This provides peace of mind for clients, taking all the hard work out of the search.

Using a lawyer referral service takes the hard work out of finding quality legal aid by using plain language that the average person can understand. This is more helpful for laypeople than the legal jargon that is second nature to lawyers. That makes our service more accessible to everyone. Best of all, it’s free for everyone to use.

How Lawyer Referral Services Work

Whether you’re using a laptop or a phone, getting started with a lawyer referral service has never been easier. Lawyers must complete an application and sign an agreement after going over the qualifications and standards form. These are required to understand the type of law you specialize in, as well as your commitment to following the terms and conditions set by Real Deal Attorneys. This is so we can assure our clients that the aid they are seeking is fully competent and valid.

For lawyers with under five years of experience, there is a “limited experience” section that helps you find clients with simple legal issues to start building experience. As you grow in your expertise, you can access the full range of potential client matches on our site.

Benefits Of Using Referral Services

Not only are lawyers screened for the clients’ peace of mind, but potential clients also get pre-screened as well. Newer lawyers looking to expand their client base will find great marketing reach from a lawyer referral service, not to mention simple-to-use online reporting tools and a helpful call center for any issues or questions that come up. Referral services can connect lawyers to clients who might otherwise be harder to find when compared to other marketing services.

Lawyer Referral Services In Los Angeles

Lawyers are very busy and marketing yourself to find new clients is basically another full-time job. Let Real Deal Attorneys help: our lawyer referral service has helped connect many clients to the right legal aid. Try us out today! Call Real Deal Attorneys at (424) 367-1271 with questions.


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